Prop and Tires

March 2, 2019

My initial thought was to just upgrade to the Desser 21” tires. But, after poking around I decided to drop that decision and just go to the big boys. Well, to the Airstreak 2.0 26” tires that is. Screw it right? I’m just going to get what I really want and not look back. Project is already close to being over budget and at this point. Why be upset with the decision, waste the money and then just upgrade a few months later.

So that’s what I did. Got some new tires and opted for the T3 tailspring and Tundra Lite tailwheel. Yeah, a bit more than just getting the Dessers. But I’m happy!

One of the final major pieces was getting my prop ordered. Early on I decided that I was going to get a constant speed. I’ve never actually flown one myself, but the cost per increased performance over a fixed pitch is too obvious to give up. I’m sure I’d be more than happy with fixed/groud adjustable, but I do have it in my budget and so that’s the plan.

I decided to go with an Airmaster 332R hub and 75” Whirlwind blades with the AC200R (beta) controller. It was a pretty easy decision other than should i go 72” or 75”. There is currently a two month lead time, so I should get it the end of April - hopefully just as I’m finishing up the engine install.

While on the topic of buying things, a few weeks ago I did also purchase a BRS system. Again, not cheap, but something I had planned for from the beginning. Both BRS and Kitfox were very helpful in helping with the decision and the information I need to get it correctly installed. I’m getting the Kitfox mounting kit so all should hopefully go smooth.

I know this is one of those big debatable topics. For me it’s an easy choice. Although I agree that it’s not the end all be all - I want that extra option. Where I fly there’s not many options. It’s dense forest or open lakes. Although I’m planning floats in the future, that’s not an option right now. I will loose a bit of storage space and total capacity, but nothing I’m concerned about. I’m adding under fuselage “roof racks” to aid with carrying things as well as I’m only a small fry in the weight department.

I should now have everything less some consumables and buttons for the panel. (I hope).

alt text