Avionics Ordered

February 14, 2019

Well, another big step. All the avionics were ordered. As I’m sure every builder can a-test to, it’s a hard decision what to get. You can build a panel from as low as maybe 5k up to 30k plus (very quickly). Me, being me, always wants the best and latest gear.

I had to really sit back and think about what I wanted to be able to do. First, obviously, VFR requirements had to be met. From there, I decided I wanted to be able to do both night VFR and OTT (Over the top). Each of these required additional specialized equipment over standard VFR. For a while I wanted auto pilot, but eventually decided against it.

Additionally, although not a requirement in Canada (yet), I wanted both ADSB IN and OUT. Being so close to the US border, and likely doing flying down there as well as being able to get some of the ADSB benefits while flying in Canada close to the border, I went with a Mode S transponder with ASDB IN/OUT.

The other big decisions includes going with the Vertical Power VPX electronic circuit breaker protection and having all the equipment remote mounted (or such that it’s all hidden except the required bits). So things like the transponder, radios etc don’t require dash space as they can all be controlled from the main screen.

And then brand…I went with Garmin. They have a very strong showing in the Experimental category and are a big name brand. Their equipment is used in all kinds of commercial and certified planes and has a very very good reputation.

Finally, with all the decisions made, I contacted Stein Air to help put the package together for me. They were by far the best to deal with of the 5 or so companies I called. With my order now placed, it’s just a waiting game.

Here’s what I went with:

  • Garmin G3X
  • G5 (with backup battery)
  • Engine component kit for the 912is
  • GPS-20A
  • GA-35
  • GTX-45R
  • GAP 26 regulated pitot
  • TCW backup battery
  • VPX-Sport
  • Artex ELT
  • all the connection and mounting bits I’ll need