Laker Leading Edge

December 17, 2018

Things have been moving along the last few weeks and this is likely the last bit of work until the new year.

After fitting the wings last time, I took the opportunity to install the smaller part of the wing struts. This wasn’t very easy. There was a lot of adjusting, measureing, adjusting, measuring and then crossing of the fingers while drilling the holes. In the end all is good.

alt text

The wings were then removed again to continue work. Next was running the pitot and AOA tubing through to the end of the wing as well as installing the regulator for the pitot.

alt text

From there it was time to start work on the laker leading edge. This went rather well considering fiberglass is almost never perfect. There was some cutting and fitting and one re-adjustment of the leading edge mold locators/supports.

alt text

Oh yeah, somewhere in there all of the ribs were also sanded and varnished. Just can’t remember when.

Also got the bottom bar and antenna mounting plate of the turtle deck fabricated and test fit.

Now time for some R&R and enjoying the holidays with the Kids.