Sanding and Some Fabrication

November 25, 2018

The last few days was spent sanding and fabricating. The false bottom ribs were cut out to fit on the bottoms of the tanks and then hysoled on. Then there was a lot of sanding. Using a level all of the false ribs were sanded slightly to make the profiles perfect to make the fabric sit as nicely as possible.

alt text

There was also a small bit of fabrication to make and install the pitot tube mounting plate.

Additionally the rudder cable install was completed. A hair dryer and paint cans were used to help straighten out the tube which the cable runs. With a bit of difficulty, the cables were setup and attached in the rear.

alt text


The big excitement this week was that the oratex arrived! I’m glad it arrived early and I’m not stuck waiting on it. But now I feel the pressure to get things completed for pre-cover inspection.

I’m close, really really close.

Here’s what’s left.

  • fitting and installing the jury struts.
  • install the pitot tube and tubing runs.
  • varnish all the wood
  • sand and re-prime the tail
  • prep and paint the door frame and window frames black
  • paint the visible parts inside the cabbin black
  • fabricate and install trim tab mounting bracket on rudder
  • secure the LLE