September 19, 2018

Been a little while - I’m sure you all know how it goes (or doesn’t) sometimes.

So my story continues with the pickup of my newly coated frame. Oh man I was happy with it. Absolutely amazing work. Shout out to Performance Finishing & Fabrication Inc in Vars Ontario Canada!

Got her back to my shop and just caressed her for a while. Well worth it!

The next steps after that was many many evenings sorting through the boxes of parts that came with it. It was a total disaster. Many parts had no labels (worn away by years of sitting there) and some were rusted out. Good thing is they are all easily replaceable… bad thing is I have no idea what they are and what to get.

I just started pinning things the the wall under different groups when I figure out what they were. Part of the problem with a partially built kit (in my case) was it was pretty hard to determine what parts were used and what parts I should be hoping to find without reading every single page. And I did. It only helped a little.

So after a few nights of that I figured it was time to move on and wing it as I went.

Life then got in the way for a few weeks.

I was able to in that time take measurements of all the completed wing assembly to make sure it was all within spec as it was not a factory built wing. Everything looked good and was off in only a few places by about 1/8”. About the biggest find was only 4/5 rivets in each of the drag/anti-drag attachments. I should be able to get one more in.

Finally back at it this week with some help. Ordered up a bunch of missing items from kitfox on day one - and some of the consumables I’m going to need.

Today with some help again we leveled up the fuselage and mounted the wings to verify dihedral, sweep, washout and wing twist. With only a small adjustment everything looked near perfect.

From there since we have to wait on some hysol, we got the firewall setup and test fit the engine mount and got that hardware all test fit.

Feels good to really get some progress going.