April 20, 2018

I’ve been back and forth about making this post for various reasons, but it needs to be done because I need knowledge and experience of this group.

A few days after receiving my purchase of the uncompleted model 6, I noticed something suspicious in the paint that we had not when looking at it before the purchase. In hindsight I feel stupid for missing it (because as you will see it’s more than the odd spot).

Anyway, be it lighting or the fact I was running my hand down all parts of the plane getting to know her, that I felt something odd. It wasn’t smooth. And it was in more than one place. I noticed it first around some of the interior upper areas when sitting inside, and on further inspection it was apparent that the issue was rather large - as in many many places.

alt text

On initial inspection, the paint didn’t look smooth, and you could feel it. It looked as if - dare i say - a really bad rust spot was painted over. My heart sank.

alt text

I took out the sander and started removing the paint (which was known to be done after the original owner purchased the kit). With little effort, the paint actually started to flake off in small thick pieces, reveling the original factory paint job (i’m assuming). Just in case, I also removed that layer to find what to me looks like perfectly good metal. No rust.

alt text

Now here’s my concerns. There’s a lot of this on the frame, and to be sure I feel that every area has to be cleaned and verified there is no hidden rust. I’ve done about 6-7 smaller areas and can confirm those are all ok. It appears that it’s just a very poorly done paint job, and the bumps are uneven paint.

alt text

I’ve also found areas where there are bubbles and pressing them causes it to flake. Almost all of these areas are on the underside near the tail. But, it comes off so easy I don’t see any other option but to remove the paint from all surfaces where fabric will need to be glued. But should I take it further and remove it from the entire frame? I’m not sure I would even consider it. Or should I?

I just feel deflated thinking about it. And not sure what direction I should take here. I’ve attached several images for clarity.