Finding a Fox

February 25, 2018

Originally, I’m an Icon A5 deposit holder. But, short story short - when they basically doubled the cost I decided no way. I have 2 kids to put through school. Back in November/December there was a KF6 completed that came up for sale about 5 hours from me. I talked to the owner and was trying to arrange looking at it. However, my knowledge was very limited at the time and I was slow to act. Poof, it was gone.

After poking my nose around for a few months I made my decision that Kitfox was the way to go and opportunity came at just the right time. I had literally just received back my final quote on a new 7 when that evening my phone dinged with a hit on a kitfox kit for sale. Not wanting to loose out (a second time) I was on the phone in minutes.

After a chat on the phone that night I decided it was worth looking at. It wasn’t a 7, but one of the first model 6’s. I called a friend currently building a 7 who’s also been building for the last 20 years and asked if he wanted to take a drive. Next day we were on the road.

We spent several hours going over the kit, looking at the workmanship and making sure there were no scratches, dings or otherwise that would instantly turn us away. There wasn’t. There were/are a few things that needed slight fixing/cleaning up, but only minor things. My friend has an eye for what to look for (I don’t) so I’m glad he came along. Long story short, questions were asked and decisions made. I decided it was worth it. It’s in great condition, lots has already been completed, it gets me months ahead of the game (current estimated shipping of a new kit is end of Sept 2018), and the price was right - delivery included.

After a few hours of packing it onto the trailer and making sure everything was secure we headed home. The stress wasn’t over as delivery would be the next day. Until it was safe in my shop I was going to be worried. But, the next day 10am it arrived. The biggest trouble was getting stuck in the yard trying to turn the trailer around to unload. Everything else appeared to be fine after the trip. A little bit of rubbing from rope used to hang the wings, but only minor.

alt text

Now, it begins. Will inventory the hardware and figure out if and what might be missing. There are several items I will be selling as I don’t need/want them.

A bit of background on the kit…

The original owner is out of KY and purchased in March 2000. I believe it was one of the first Model 6. The original invoice is still on “Kitfox Outback” headers with 5 scratched out for 6.

There was no original power coating, and I’m told the factory “paint” was removed and then powder coated by original owner.

Some of the build was done by the original owner in the early 2000s, according to the manual and page sign offs. Mostly work on the tail and some of the fuselage.

The second owner purchased and obtained the kit in October 2017. All of the hardware was replaced with new and all of the build that was already done was re-checked and hardware replaced. The build process continued finishing the majority of the fuselage and wings. The wing twist and sweep was completed. The tanks are not mounted nor the last spar or bottom false ribs. The inside of the aluminum tubes of the wings was primed as well.

Now it’s up to me to move it along. I’ll go over everything as it stands to make sure everything is in tolerance and nothing was missed. Then start on finishing the wings.

I’ll then have to make decisions on all of the components and get those ready if anything needs to be mounted prior to fabric. Which, I’ve decided will be Oratex.

What is it missing….engine and engine mount along with all avionics (including strobes/navs).

It does have engine faring and cowling, but for a c-200. I’m not sure yet if i’ll be able to work with this for my 912is or if i’ll have to get new.